Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mountain Goat Lodge To close for 5 weeks

Wow! 3 1/2 years have flown by since we moved to Salida from Seattle to open the Mountain Goat Lodge.
Hundreds of visitors and their pets have made us very successful - so much so that we have decided to close the lodge from Nov 1- Dec 8, 2013. We need a little down time, but only so that we can start back up in time for winter activities with renewed gusto.

What are we doing? Most the time will be spent on our 2013 projects - our Geodesic Dome Greenhouse will get fully finished and planted with veggies and herbs and flowers for winter. Time is a wasting and we need to get spinach, kale and other winter crops planted. Our front yard landscaping is still not done - Darcy has built a reflection pond and waterfall, and the pergolas need some plantings to grow up and around. We need to add more pathways, benches, a birdbath, and more trees for our fun little garden.

Gina and her sons are going to New Orleans for a week of great music and food. She hopes to get inspired and bring some of that culinary magic back home for her breakfasts. The last time she was there - during Hurricane Katrina rescuing dogs - while very rewarding, it was not exactly the French Quarter's best moments! 

Another week will be spent with best girlfriends in Cabo San Lucas. Ahh Mexico in December!

This is going to be a great time for balancing out the pleasures and stressors of owning a business, especially living there full-time. While it is great to look out and see all the mountains and fields, it is also a necessity to just chill out and sleep in for awhile. The guests will ultimately benefit from a refreshed innkeeping team.

See you in December!


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