Monday, December 6, 2010

Another reason why B&B's are A BETTER WAY TO STAY

Recently, I booked some nights in a hotel for the upcoming Innkeeper's conference in South Carolina. I know what you are thinking – why are they staying in a hotel and not a Bed and Breakfast? As troubling as this decision was – it ultimately was decided that, after going to seminars, lectures, vendor fairs, etc. for 3 days – we might really enjoy the chance to get away from the TOPIC of B&B’s and re-charge our batteries as a couple .

SO, I was poking around on the website of this internationally known hotel chain – not to mention any names - but a certain celebritante is the recipient of this family’s legacy and trust-fund. I know you know. Okay, so I am at the website and I see they offer a “Menu” of items that can be placed in your room upon arrival. How nice I think – how welcoming! Here is a partial list from their menu of items and their costs:

San Pelligrino 1 liter bottle, 5.50 USD

Liter Fiji Water: 5.50 USD

12oz bottle Sierra Mist 2.50 USD

12 oz bottle of Pepsi: 2.50 USD

Cheese Selection served with

Sliced Bread and Crackers 9.95 USD

3 Freshly Baked Cookies Price Per Item: 6.00 USD

A $2.50 Room Service Delivery Charge and 18% Gratuity are added to all orders. Price does not include 7.5% Sales Tax.

WOW! I really need to get out more! At our Inn, the Mountain Goat Lodge – we include all the above and much more, in the price of the room.


* Full hearty country breakfast which consists of an egg/meat entrée, fresh fruits, cinnamon rolls, toast, bagels, cereals, juice, milk, coffee, tea. With breakfast you may order a Latte or any other espresso drink you can think of.
* Unlimited 24-hour availability of coffee, tea, hot chocolate.
* Happy hour refreshments consisting of Premium beers, Locally bottled Wines, Soft Drinks, crackers and homemade goat cheese.
* Homemade cookies at bedtime

With few exceptions, most all Bed & Breakfast Inn’s across the country are including many of the same items as we do – although not all have a professional-grade espresso machine run by an ex-barista trained to do all types of drinks! But if you stay in a hotel – you won’t get these treats or personalized service. If you have never stayed in a Bed & Breakfast Inn try it and see for yourselves that it's A Better Way To Stay!