Monday, August 24, 2015

The Yoga Retreat

This fall Mountain Goat Lodge will host The Yoga Retreat to bring a close to our summer season.
This will be our second retreat at the MGL and will be held September 28th - 30th. The retreat will focus on our guests experiencing a relaxing experience in the valley. They will have options to attend four different yoga classes as well as a one hour therapeutic massage.
Our first retreat was a great success. We were happy to have a small crowd that we could form intimate classes for and witness personal development over the course of the weekend. We were so glad to see people who were beginners and brave enough to put themselves out there and join the fun. The majority of our classes were held on the back deck where people could enjoy the fresh mountain air.
Cost for this three day retreat with early registration will be $249, not including lodging. Later registration jumps to $269 after September 1st. We can't wait for guests to join us for this three day restorative adventure.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Growing Domes - A Farm's Happy Helper

Gardening in Colorado is tough. It is as plain as that. It dictates that us growers create a habitat to keep our plants happy and healthy because it sure isn’t happening is the traditional aired climate here. Colorado’s short growing season paired with high elevation makes a tough environment for the produce we love to enjoy nearly year round in at the lodge.

So, our best answer to this problem: Growing Dome.

We have a GeoDome greenhouse that functions as our main growing space at Mountain Goat Lodge. It creates a warm, lush and oxygen rich environment for the fresh food we are able to serve at the lodge. This dome uses zero electricity (heck yeah!) and has an automated venting system that opens and closes on its own based on outdoor temperatures (which means little work for us to regulate temperatures-check out picture below). The perimeter insulation and under-soil heating system are perfect to keep temperatures up all winter long and that means four seasons of growth!

At the Lodge we are happy to serve fresh ingredients that we know are good for your mind and body. Eating greenhouse goods is the staple for our diet, paired with goat cheeses and yogurts, and we are so glad to share it with each and every guest.

Otherwise, next time you are at the lodge please poke your head into the greenhouse. Take your time walking on the paths, sitting under the trellis or taking a look at the fish in our water reservoir.

Spend your time enjoying the garden and take in its charm. If you are interested in details or design, please check out this link:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MGL to host first of many Yoga Retreats!

JOIN US on June 1st for our first ever, relaxing, all inclusive Yoga Retreat. For just $249 per person, plus the cost of a room or a trailer for 2 nights- participants will receive four distinct yoga classes, One therapeutic massage, one nature hike and all meals from Check in to Check out! Space is limited so call now to reserve at 719 539 7173.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Kidding Season

The gentle rustling from newbies in the barn and the sounds of ducks quacking ring in spring here at the Mountain Goat Lodge. The soft fur of the newborn kids is gentle to the touch and watching them learn to stand on their own four feet can make an afternoon here that much more rewarding. We are proud to announce the birth of three little ones here at the farm born in the past two weeks! Additionally we are expecting about 10 more kids this spring from the rest of our ladies! Both moms (known as Does) are doing well and the kids are happy and healthy. Here we focus on making sure our Does get the appropriate ratio of grains and greens. This makes nutritious milk for the kids while providing extra calories to keep up with them. Our Does and kids are routinely housed in a separate pen to ensure a healthy bonding right from the start. After a few days they are introduced into the herd to meet their extended family!  Here at the Lodge we focus on making sure that our goats are well taken care of from birth. Unlike a commercial dairy which will separate the kids from the mother about 24 hours after they have been born, we give the goats opportunity to develop and learn from their mothers. We also wait to milk the does until their kids are three weeks old and starting to wean off of milk. We wait to sell the kids until they are at least two-to-three months old – again assuring a healthy foundation and long life.  Unlike commercial dairies we never milk during pregnancy for two reasons: there are far too many hormones that the mother is developing and it is not something that we should be drinking, secondly, the Does really need all their energy to produce kids, not milk. Here at the Mountain Goat Lodge we work to make the lives of the goats happy, healthier and longer. On average they live to 15 years staying with us on the farm and we are happy to share our home with them and you.