Thursday, July 9, 2015

Growing Domes - A Farm's Happy Helper

Gardening in Colorado is tough. It is as plain as that. It dictates that us growers create a habitat to keep our plants happy and healthy because it sure isn’t happening is the traditional aired climate here. Colorado’s short growing season paired with high elevation makes a tough environment for the produce we love to enjoy nearly year round in at the lodge.

So, our best answer to this problem: Growing Dome.

We have a GeoDome greenhouse that functions as our main growing space at Mountain Goat Lodge. It creates a warm, lush and oxygen rich environment for the fresh food we are able to serve at the lodge. This dome uses zero electricity (heck yeah!) and has an automated venting system that opens and closes on its own based on outdoor temperatures (which means little work for us to regulate temperatures-check out picture below). The perimeter insulation and under-soil heating system are perfect to keep temperatures up all winter long and that means four seasons of growth!

At the Lodge we are happy to serve fresh ingredients that we know are good for your mind and body. Eating greenhouse goods is the staple for our diet, paired with goat cheeses and yogurts, and we are so glad to share it with each and every guest.

Otherwise, next time you are at the lodge please poke your head into the greenhouse. Take your time walking on the paths, sitting under the trellis or taking a look at the fish in our water reservoir.

Spend your time enjoying the garden and take in its charm. If you are interested in details or design, please check out this link:

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