Monday, December 6, 2010

Another reason why B&B's are A BETTER WAY TO STAY

Recently, I booked some nights in a hotel for the upcoming Innkeeper's conference in South Carolina. I know what you are thinking – why are they staying in a hotel and not a Bed and Breakfast? As troubling as this decision was – it ultimately was decided that, after going to seminars, lectures, vendor fairs, etc. for 3 days – we might really enjoy the chance to get away from the TOPIC of B&B’s and re-charge our batteries as a couple .

SO, I was poking around on the website of this internationally known hotel chain – not to mention any names - but a certain celebritante is the recipient of this family’s legacy and trust-fund. I know you know. Okay, so I am at the website and I see they offer a “Menu” of items that can be placed in your room upon arrival. How nice I think – how welcoming! Here is a partial list from their menu of items and their costs:

San Pelligrino 1 liter bottle, 5.50 USD

Liter Fiji Water: 5.50 USD

12oz bottle Sierra Mist 2.50 USD

12 oz bottle of Pepsi: 2.50 USD

Cheese Selection served with

Sliced Bread and Crackers 9.95 USD

3 Freshly Baked Cookies Price Per Item: 6.00 USD

A $2.50 Room Service Delivery Charge and 18% Gratuity are added to all orders. Price does not include 7.5% Sales Tax.

WOW! I really need to get out more! At our Inn, the Mountain Goat Lodge – we include all the above and much more, in the price of the room.


* Full hearty country breakfast which consists of an egg/meat entrée, fresh fruits, cinnamon rolls, toast, bagels, cereals, juice, milk, coffee, tea. With breakfast you may order a Latte or any other espresso drink you can think of.
* Unlimited 24-hour availability of coffee, tea, hot chocolate.
* Happy hour refreshments consisting of Premium beers, Locally bottled Wines, Soft Drinks, crackers and homemade goat cheese.
* Homemade cookies at bedtime

With few exceptions, most all Bed & Breakfast Inn’s across the country are including many of the same items as we do – although not all have a professional-grade espresso machine run by an ex-barista trained to do all types of drinks! But if you stay in a hotel – you won’t get these treats or personalized service. If you have never stayed in a Bed & Breakfast Inn try it and see for yourselves that it's A Better Way To Stay!


  1. I better schedule a visit. Seriously. I love your bravery to experience something so different and the ability to trust it.

  2. So true! The hotel chains find ways to nickle and dime you, kind of similar to the airlines! The end result is that your $100.00 per night room ends up closer to $150.00 per night, unless of course you just sleep and drink tap water.
    Well said Gina!

  3. This is really true!