Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of Life and death on the farm

This has been a trying couple of weeks. Lots of animal trauma and death, but also birth! I wish I was an old-time farmer that could take it all in stride, but this former city-girl will never be that thick skinned. We had a predator take out Steve, our beautiful rooster, who died defending one of the hens. We found another hen dead in the coop - from unknown causes. We lost a hen to the wild and another is gravely sick. I never thought I would be trying to keep a chicken alive but this week I have had her in my home, force feeding her water, medicine and what little food she will still eat. Roxy is my favorite hen - a wonderful brooder that has always been healthy, until one week ago. I can't bear to lose her.
Last night our guest's dog got onto the highway and was killed instantly by a hit and run driver. We are all reeling from that heartache. Mudd was a beautiful boy and had been rescued just two years out of his four year life when this tragedy happened. We have experienced an outpouring of sympathy from neighbors and friends who came forward to help bury and honor him. The heartache was lifted temporarily this morning when Mudd's family and I witnessed the birth of two beautiful baby goats. I don't cry much, but I do cry when animals are harmed or killed. I just can't help it.


  1. It sounds as if Mudd was well honored in death as in the last two years of his short life. I'll bet he was happy being called and was headed to his Master. So sorry for all.


  2. good bye Muddy you were a good boy and welcome babies Phoenix and Shavano